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OKM Metal Detector Manufacturer of 

Magnetometer, Ground Penetrating Radar and

geophysical instruments

Made in Germany

Treasure Hunting 



Welcome, to the company OKM Ortungstechnik GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of geophysical instruments. Whether you are

an archeologist or a professional treasure hunter we can support your work with one of our many products. The manufacturers of

geophysical instruments GPR and Ground radar system. (ground penetrating radar) is able to find burried objects like caves, gold, silver

and other objects as well as cavities and graves. FS-Future Series exp 4000 - exp 5000, Localizer 3000, Gold Long range.ground

penetrating radar, ground radar, bodenradar,treasure hunting, treasure hunter, gold long range, Magnetometer


The Future Series Detectors are extreme treasure hunting metal detectors , ground penetrating radar and Magnetometer. Not only do they see metal in the

ground like metal detectorsbut also see disturbances in the soil where non-metallic utilities like PVC and HDPE pipes may have been buried. GPR (Geophysical

PhaseReader) with 3D Imaging software that determines approximate size and location. Ground penetrating radar is cumbersome and slow whereas the future gpr

is quick and efficient gpr, radar, metal detectors, detector, detecting, treasure hunting, archaeology, detection,geotechnical, mining, prospecting, cable locator,

pipe locator, geophysical, buried cable utility locator, georadar, unexplodedordnances, forensic, radar support, ground radar image mapping, rebar, sub-surface,

OKM, underground detecting, bodenradar, ortungstechnik,bedrock mapping, environmental, Metal detector, Localizer 3000, Future 2005, Rover C, Walkabout

deluxe, i-160, Geoseeker, Waterfinder, Gralfinder, OKM Ortungstechnik GmbH, Cavefinder, Schatzsuche, Goldgun, GEMS, exp 4000, exp 5000.

Metal Detecting is an excellent hobby and pastime for the whole family. This website is here to

help you select the right detector based on the experience of other people like you.

What types of metal detector are there?

There are many different detectors, some are more complicated then others. The basic ones are easy to get used to, with less features and buttons. Turn it on and

off you go! You can't get around practice though, and the more complicated the detector, the more practice you will need. Which is the best detector? What is the

best gold detector? Read some of the user reviews to find out.

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detector de metales

Software für metal detector, Treasure Hunting, Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR, Georadar 

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Metal Detector and Treasure Hunting - Ground Penetrating Radar - Home of Metal Detectors

OKM Locating




Instruments and Metal

Detectors.Built with

German Precision -

Backed with American




OKM Locating Technology Limited is one

of the leading manufacturers of

Geophysical/Ground Penetrating

instruments and metal detectors. Founded in

1998, OKM has become one of the fastest

growing manufactures of Deep Penetrating

Treasure Locators capable of finding Gold,

Silver, and other precious metals including

meteorites. OKM manufactures Geophysical

Measuring instruments to locate hidden caves,

tunnels, ancient foundations and other signs of

previous habitation. Whether you are an

archeologist or a professional (serious)

Treasure Hunter, we can support your work

with one of our many instruments.


OKM Products have

been intensively

Tested and Certified 

by one of the leading

Physicist and

technical experts in

Germany to locate all

metallic objects and

cavities in the ground. 



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Detector de metales